Purchase Order financing

Purchase Order Financing Solutions for Your Business

Growing a company brings both opportunities and challenges. Large customer orders can result in both: more revenue for your company but cash flow issues that present problems fulfilling the order. Scenarios like these are why Empire Lending Services offers purchase order financing. It’s ideal for distributors, wholesalers, resellers and producers who need immediate funds to pay suppliers and ship their goods.

Fast Funding When You Need It Most

Purchase order loans are designed to quickly pay your suppliers and release orders for shipment. As the name implies, the funds you receive are based on an existing purchase order that must be filled. P.O. financing relies on a very simple industry model. We supply the capital you need right away and pay your suppliers. Once the orders ship, you invoice your customers as usual. Your customers then pay us for those invoices, after which we deduct our fees and send you the remaining balances. Besides simplicity and speed, P.O. financing comes with a few other benefits:

  • No additions to long-term debt
  • No negative impacts to your equity
  • Ability to make on-time and large customer delivers
  • Potential for significant market share growth

Your Commercial Finance Provider

At Empire Lending Services, we’re committed to helping your business succeed with our commercial finance solutions. To apply for purchase order financing or learn more, contact us today.